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Our SWAT team are very busy working with our dedicated gamers, sourcing, testing and reviewing the newest and latest releases for all your favourite consoles. The problem is we can’t seem to pull our gamers away from their games to give us their reviews. None the less we are sure we are selecting the very best games that we think you will love.

Hobmania is a great place if you love to game. We are finding the best games for all of your favourite consoles, ranging from Xbox360, Playstation 3 to the latest release for the Nintendo. If you are looking to get the very latest, top charting video games at great prices, or just looking for what game is the latest to be released. Then come back soon and see what we can offer you.

Are you seeking expert gameplays, walkthroughs, advice and opinions on your favourite game? You can find all that on our Hob Blog or you can even watch professional gamers giving their opinions, advice and tips on our e-Learning Hub. Both of these our coming soon!

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