Terms & Conditions

Statutory Rights

Hobmania understands that Customer Statutory rights are not affected by the terms and conditions outlined.

Payment of Good.

The contract price on the Hobmania website for the good(s) shall be payable on placement of order. All good(s) sold by other Hobmania methods, shall remain the property and title of Hobmania until such good(s) are paid for in full. This does not exclude the purchaser of these goods of any costs associated such as re-delivery to Hobmania or damages causes whilst goods were in the care of purchaser to these good(s). Care is defined as whilst purchaser was in possession of these good(s).

Retention of Title

All goods remain the title and property of Hobmania until payment is received in full of all the amounts invoiced and legal title of these goods shall remain vested in Hobmania. If the customer goes into liquidation, or have a wind up order made against it or administrative, administrator or receiver appointed over its assets, then Hobmania shall be entitled to immediately once notice is given  of its intention to repossess the goods, shall enter the property and take back Hobmania goods that it still has title under this condition.

In addition this does not exclude from Hobmania to applying to appointed administrative, administrator or receiver to make up any financial shortfall.

Under no circumstances has any appointed receiver, liquidator, administrator or administrative receiver of the customer has authority to sell these goods of which Hobmania still has title without prior written consent of Hobmania


Hobmania makes every effort to ensure that products are accurately described on its website. Whilst errors can happen, we   endeavour to resolve these as quickly as possible.


Hobmania tries to ensure the very best delivery times to its customer. But no liability is accepted for any unforeseen delays thereafter arising for any consequential loss or damage(s) caused to the Customer or any third party or third parties arising out of the result of such delays.

Force Majeure

Hobmania shall not be liable to the Customer, or will be deemed to be in breach of contract, or seen as any failure to perform any of Hobmania’s obligation in relations to it provision of goods and services, if this was due to any force majeure or due to any circumstance that was beyond the Hobmania’s reasonable control.


All prices are quoted as inclusive of Irish VAT. All prices are accurate as of the date of input. Hobmania has the right to change the prices of its products on periodical basis. Hobmania has the right to vary the prices should a customer bulk buy product as an example. Other factors that can change are at outside of the Hobmania’s control, VAT rate, shipping, cost of acquiring stock.


Hobmania website will always endeavour to have any stock it sell on line for available to sell , but they can be circumstance where errors have been taken in stock counting which might bring about errors in the number of items for sale, or situations where Hobmania is still awaiting delivery from the supplier.Hobmania will endeavour to resolve this as quickly as possible and can also decide if hobmania feels appropriate to refund such sales.

Hobmania is governed by Irish Law.

Hobmania  as a registered business name  and its terms  and conditions are governed by and are bound to stay in coherence with Irish Law and the parties acknowledge and accept the exclusive jurisdiction of Irish Courts.